A fast and effective way to create receipts


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ReciboCasWin is a receipt-generating utility that gives you fast access to invoice information and makes it easier to create your own.

It has a compact, concise layout to more quickly and clearly provide you with the information that you need. It even allows you to organize and classify that information. ReciboCasWin also includes a receipt list viewer divided into categories so that you can view all of the receipts that you've created using the application.

Generating a receipt is simple and fast: just introduce the relevant information and ReciboCasWin will create a receipt that is ready to be printed or emailed. You can configure those options within the program.

It also contains several additional utilities to help you manage the invoices and receipts that you create with the program. All of this makes ReciboCasWin an intriguing program for keeping track of your invoices.

Some features are restricted.

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